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If your building has one or more elevators and is mixed-use or multi-tenant, you might be considering whether it would be wise to instal an Lift Access Control. Elevators are a common point of vulnerability in apartment and business buildings, putting your residents and property at danger of theft, vandalism, and even physical injury. With an elevator card access system in place, access to the levels in your building may be securely regulated because the elevators will only operate when a legitimate person presents his or her card. Take into account below mentioned these five benefits of using an Lift Access Control System if you’re unsure whether this security measure is the right fit for your building.

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    5 Reasons to use Lift Access Control for Buildings:

    • By limiting access to the different floors of your building, an Lift Access Control in Mumbai will shield your residents and property from theft, harassment, and damage. For the maximum level of loss or damage protection, elevator access control can be utilised as a standalone system or integrated into comprehensive automated security systems in buildings that also include CCTV surveillance, digital recording solutions, and room by room access control.
    • Tenants in residential and business buildings may be at risk for injury if elevators are not securely locked. Elevator access control systems can add an extra layer of security for confidential information and the storage of IT data in business buildings by preventing competing companies from entering restricted floors. Elevator Access Control System can prevent non-residents from entering elevators and levels where children or other vulnerable residents may be put at risk in residential structures like university dormitories, condominiums, and high-rise apartment buildings. Families looking for a safe place to live may find this to be a major selling point.
    • Elevator access control systems enable managers to regulate access to various floors in office buildings that house many departments or divisions in accordance with a predetermined timetable. For the majority of employees, access may be allowed during regular business hours but prohibited after hours and on weekends. Senior executives can have unlimited access to all floors at all times because access is set for each individual card holder, however maintenance employees may only be allowed access to a floor for a specified period of time.
    • Each Lift Access Control Cart preserves a record of the holder’s floor-to-floor movements. The cards may save data on countless occasions, which can serve as a powerful deterrent to theft, vandalism, and other crimes in both residential and multi-tenant commercial environments.
    • It can be extremely expensive to keep a physical guard on duty to stop unauthorised people from entering your upper floors, especially in buildings with many elevator locations. Without the need for a real guard to be present, an elevator card access system gives your building’s system management an automatic approach to govern entry to the different floors of your building.

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